Wonder Woman Promo Art Unveils New Cape

It looks as though Gal Gadot’s ‘Batman V Superman’ costume may be better than we thought… as new promo art reveals more colourful armour. And a cape!

Appearing on Instagram thanks to former Latino Review reporter Umberto Gonzalez, this all-new promotional art gives us a much closer look at Wonder Woman.

#HH #EXCLUSIVE #HOT #WONDERWOMAN #promo #art from #BatmanvSuperman! Doesn’t she look fresh next to my new logo? BOOM!

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But what does it tell us?

[Batman V Superman Trailer Leaks Online]

Well, for one thing it looks as though Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume might not be anywhere near as gritty and earthy-coloured as we first thought.

A closer look at the main armour reveals far more vibrant colours than we’ve previously seen… and that’s definitely a good thing. Showing a hint of red and blue as well as that classic gold trim, it’s a look that’s far more in line with the comic books than we were led to believe.

And while her armours greaves may seem more ‘Iron Man’ than ‘Wonder Woman’, it’s nice to see a touch of colour added throughout.

After all, the only official image we have is rather dull…

Wonder Woman

Of course, it’s not just the colour of her armour which is turning heads. There’s also that rather awesome cape, which seems to be a direct lift from the comic books. I know, it’s not Wonder Woman’s most classic look, but she has been known to don a cape from time to time.

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And the pose? Straight out of the comic books… as well as being especially appropriate given her appearance in ‘Batman V Superman’.

 Justice League Comic

But will this be the costume we see on the big screen?

It’s perhaps wise to point out that this promo art could be for anything – from a lunchbox to a poster, even a box for a new toy. And considering that film tie-ins often deviate from what is in the movie, it might not be entirely accurate.

But if you ask me, this is the look Wonder Woman needs.

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ heads to cinemas on 25 March 2016.

What do you think of this new promo art? Will this be Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ costume? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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  • Jorg Dukov

    Pretty good art but, Gadet doesn’t have the body and is not beautiful as shown in art.
    I think the movie is going to fail because of this bad casting.

  • Fred U

    The costume update is. ice, but the best part is how Gal Gadot looks herself. Look at those biceps! She looks fierce! Now, that’s the Wonder Woman we all deserve! But: this is just a drawing. Will they CGI that in the movie? I fear not. Gal Gadot will end up looking her fragile, skinny self, next to the jacked-up male heroes, and thus totally out of place.