Will SPECTRE Be Delayed By Daniel Craig’s Injury?

Daniel Craig SPECTRE

Although the folks behind ‘SPECTRE’ were keen to downplay Daniel Craig’s on set injury, it looks as though the James Bond star has undergone surgery.

According to Deadline, the 47-year-old ‘Bond’ star has been under the knife in what they’re describing as ‘minor surgery’.

“Daniel Craig has undergone knee surgery to repair an injury caused while filming the latest James Bond pic ‘Spectre’,” they revealed. “A rep for Eon Productions described [the op] as ‘minor’, which Craig had this Easter weekend during a break from filming.”

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“During a scheduled break, Daniel Craig had arthroscopic surgery to repair his knee injury,” said an Eon statement. “He will rejoin production on April 22nd at Pinewood.”

But while filming on ‘Spectre’ is not believed to have been affected, could we see the next ‘James Bond’ flick pushing back its release date?

‘SPECTRE’ has already been hit hard with several issues throughout production.

Most notably, an early draft of the screenplay was leaked during the recent Sony hacks, as well as a small fleet of Land Rovers being stolen from a warehouse before filming began. On top of that, Daniel Craig’s injury led many to speculate that filming may be delayed.

But while that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet, is the studio being a tad ambitious with the film’s release date?

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If you ask me, ‘SPECTRE’ is going to be cutting it a bit close… after all, with Daniel Craig returning to production on 22 April, that’s only 6 months away from the film’s theatrical release. And filming won’t have even finished by then.

Of course, a modern ‘Bond’ movie doesn’t have the same level of CGI effects and laborious post-production work as other big screen blockbusters… but it still seems a bit ambitious to me.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see. But I get the feeling we may end up seeing ‘SPECTRE’ a little later than we planned.

‘SPECTRE’ heads to cinemas on 23 October 2015.

Do you think ‘SPECTRE’ will finish on time? Will EON be forced to push the release date back? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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