Tomorrowland: Disney’s Next Big Hit?

OK, technically ‘Big Hero 6’ is on its way to becoming Disney’s next worldwide hit, but in terms of their next live-action movie on the never ending roster, Brad Bird’s ‘Tomorrowland’ could be that mammoth success the Mouse House are craving.

Just the other week a couple of new stills from the film — penned for a May 2015 release — and a two-minute trailer were unveiled, but has this the potential to be a global hit?

Aside from the gorgeous concept art, the other stills don’t reveal much about the film, other than to visualise its stars George Clooney and Brit Robertson and offer a glimpse at some of the locations for the sci-fi/fantasy. However, the trailer gives us further insight into the world our leading lady inhabits.

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 Its director Brad Bird (Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’) sheds some light on the premise, after Disney have so far kept the movie under wraps. “We begin our movie asking what did [the future] used to be?” says Bird. “What’s good about the future and what’s scary about it? And we wrestle with those things in a slightly mythical way.”

Disney's Tomorrowland

The trailer is massively intriguing and  appears to be a story that’ll appeal to a wide audience. The mystery of Tomorrowland is laid out as our protagonist, Casey, (Robertson) comes into contact with a mysterious pin that, each time she touches it, transports her to another world, or so it would seem. Before long she meets Frank (Clooney), a failed inventor who helps her search for this strange, futuristic utopia.

“There’s something about George,” Bird shares. “You can see the wheels turning in his eyes, and he reads as somebody who is very principled. He seems like a very pragmatic guy who also dreams, but he’s not flighty. There’s an integrity to him that you feel.”

The short, mysterious trailer does a great job of gaining audiences interest and genuinely looks like a story worth exploring, as it revolves around finding a better place amidst a dystopian existence.

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“What if there was a place; a secret place where nothing was impossible?” questions Clooney’s voice over, as the clip poses more questions than it answers. It’s got all the ingredients for an epic, exciting sci-fi adventure, so here’s hoping Bird and his team at Disney nail this one, because it has the potential to become one of the biggest movie of 2015.

There’s still plenty more to reveal about ‘Tomorrowland’ before we finally see it in cinemas, but so far it looks like a hugely ambitious and original idea. There’s a degree of buzz around it that, if marketed correctly, could generate some big earnings at the box office.

‘Tomorrowland’ hits cinemas on 22 May, 2015.

What do you think about Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’? Has it the potential to be a global hit a la ‘Frozen’ or Maleficent’? Let us know in the comments below…

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