The Purge Is Being Turned Into A TV Show

The Purge - Credit: Blumhouse

The Purge is coming to the small screen.

It looks as though the hit horror/thriller series The Purge will be making the jump from the big screen… and it’s even bringing its most-important creative talent with it.

“Blumhouse announced Tuesday that its hugely successful Purge movie series is to become a TV show,” revealed Entertainment Weekly. “Filmmaker James DeMonaco, who has written and directed all three entries in the franchise will oversee the series.”

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Originally released in 2013, The Purge takes place during an annual event in a dystopian USA, where all crime is made legal for a 12-hour period.

And that includes murder…

“The show is produced by Blumhouse Television, which is being re-launched as an independent television studio, with ITV Studios acquiring a 45 percent stake in the operation. The small screen version of The Purge is to be co-produced with Universal Cable Production and will air on USA and Syfy.”

The Purge is coming to TV - Credit: Blumhouse

It’s a well-known franchise and has become a big hit with horror fans… but in recent instalments, it’s become far more than a mere horror movie. The Purge: Election Year brought political commentary to the forefront, and it’s clear that the franchise has developed a lot since its humble beginnings.

So what’s the new TV show going to be about?

Unfortunately, there are no other details about the series… including how it’s going to work.

With The Purge supposed to be an annual event, it’s going to require some creative storytelling to turn this into an ongoing series. I can’t help thinking we’ll probably get to see some of the stories which surround The Purge – the lead-up and aftermath of the annual Purge – with flashbacks showing us what happened on that fateful night.

After all, it could be interesting to explore how The Purge affects everyone’s lives.

But for now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, I think we can expect more of those iconic masks. But whether or not they can convince any of the franchise stalwarts to join the TV show is another matter entirely.

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What did you think of The Purge TV show? Will the concept still work in this new format? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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