Justice League Movie Gets An Epic New Trailer

The new Justice League trailer is here, and we finally get a good look at our favourite DC heroes together. All except for Superman…

The Flash – Trajectory (Review)

The Flash is back… and this time, he’s faced with a female speedster zipping around Central City.

The Flash – Fast Enough (Review)

How do you top that awesome fight from last week featuring Flash, Arrow and Firestorm taking on Reverse Flash? Simple answer: you don’t.

The Flash – Rogue Air (Review)

The Flash rogues gallery is out in force this week… but can Barry handle it?

Phil Lord Says The Flash Will Likely Be Barry Allen

The Flash star Ezra Miller looks to be suiting up as iconic superhero, Barry Allen.

The Flash – Grodd Lives (Review)

Barry Allen meets a classic DC villain on The Flash this week… as he squares up to Gorilla Grodd.

The Flash – The Trap (Review)

This week’s Flash reveals that Eobard Thawne must have the patience of a saint… incredibly odd when you consider his villainous behaviour.

The Flash – Who Is Harrison Wells? (Review)

Barry Allen investigates Harrison Wells on this week’s The Flash alongside a recent crime-wave with a shape-shifting meta-human.

The Flash – All Star Team Up

Felicity and Ray stop by in Central City on The Flash this week… and he’s brought his suit.

The Flash – Tricksters (Review)

This week it’s one of the best episodes of The Flash so far, as Barry tackles an old threat… in the form of Mark Hamill.