Oscar Isaac Will Appear In Star Wars 8

Oscar Isaac

The galaxy far, far away may be entering uncertain times… but not for Oscar Isaac, who confirms he will return in Star Wars 8.

J.J. Abrams Wanted For Star Wars IX

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams could return to direct Star Wars: Episode IX… and finish off the sequel trilogy.

Details Of Star Wars: Rogue One Concept Art

Rogue One Concept Art

Star Wars: Rogue One concept art has been revealed to Disney shareholders… and it may give us some clues about the movie.

Alexandre Desplat To Score Star Wars: Rogue One

Alexandre Desplat

It looks as though Alexandre Desplat will provide the soundtrack for Star Wars: Rogue One… but does this mean John Williams is out?

Star Wars 8 Arriving Earlier Than Expected

Star Wars VII Stormtroopers

It looks as though Star Wars VIII will be directed by Rian Johnson… and it’s officially been slated for 2017.

Star Wars: Rogue One Will Be First Star Wars Spin-Off

Star Wars Rogue One

It’s official – the first Star Wars spin-off has been given a title. Star Wars: Rogue One.

Harrison Ford Injured In Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Plane Crash

Harrison Ford has been injured after crashing his vintage World War II Training plane… but is set to make a full recovery.

Simon Pegg Spotted On Star Wars VII Set

Simon Pegg Star Wars VII

It appears that Simon Pegg was spotted on the Star Wars VII set during filming in Abu Dhabi… but does this mean what we think?

Taron Egerton Up For Star Wars Spin-Off Role?

Taron Egerton Han Solo

Taron Egerton may be up for a part in one of the upcoming Star Wars spin-offs. And it’s a rather iconic role.

Gary Whitta Talks Star Wars Spin-Off

Gary Whitta

After landing the job of a lifetime, Star Wars spin-off writer Gary Whitta explains what it’s like to work in the galaxy far, far away.