Star Wars

Kylo Ren returns in Star Wars 8 - Credit: Lucasfilm Star Wars 8 Gets First Official Trailer - It’s here – Star Wars 8 has it’s first official trailer. And it’s absolutely epic. It was first released at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, and now the first official Star Wars 8 trailer has exploded... [Read More]

Star Wars VII’s Woodland Battle Revealed (EXCLUSIVE)

Although ‘Star Wars VII’ has been spotted as far as Abu Dhabi, they were a little closer to home recently… staying in Wales during a location shoot in the Forest of Dean.

Star Wars VII Chrome Trooper Revealed?

After rumours of a new kind of Stormtrooper in ‘Star Wars VII’ it looks as though leaked images from the set might reveal their shiny new look

Star Wars VII Features Hundreds Of Stormtroopers

After the events of ‘Return of the Jedi’ it looks as though the Empire might be back in ‘Star Wars VII’… and rumours of its defeat may have been greatly exaggerated.

Roger Moore Visits Star Wars VII Ice Planet

It looks as though another familiar planet may return in ‘Star Wars VII’ as Sir Roger Moore reveals a mysterious ice planet at Pinewood Studios.

Star Wars VII Millennium Falcon and X-Wings Set Photos

After rumours of a full-size Millennium Falcon were confirmed, it seems we’ve got another candid look at these impressive set pieces… and even a few X-Wings.

Star Wars VII’s Millennium Falcon Close-Up

It looks as though the usually secretive J.J. Abrams has more than a bit of mystery up his sleeve… when a look at the Millennium Falcon reveals a rather odd Easter Egg.

Star Wars: Anthony Daniels Hated CGI C-3PO

After appearing in every ‘Star Wars’ movie since ‘A New Hope’, Anthony Daniels speaks out about the CGI version of C-3PO… and it seems he wasn’t fussed.

Why Every Star Wars Fan Should Watch Super 8

If you had any doubts about J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars VII, there’s one reason why he’s the best man for the job – Super 8.

Steve Sansweet Talks Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

If you’ve been a fan of ‘Star Wars’ for as long as I have, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of vintage action figures along the way. But not as many as world-renowned collector, Steve Sansweet.