Star Wars VII’s Millennium Falcon Close-Up

Star Wars VII Millennium Falcon

It looks as though the usually secretive J.J. Abrams has more than a bit of mystery up his sleeve… when a look at the Millennium Falcon reveals a rather odd Easter Egg.

Star Wars: Anthony Daniels Hated CGI C-3PO

The Original C-3PO

After appearing in every ‘Star Wars’ movie since ‘A New Hope’, Anthony Daniels speaks out about the CGI version of C-3PO… and it seems he wasn’t fussed.

Why Every Star Wars Fan Should Watch Super 8

Super 8

If you had any doubts about J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars VII, there’s one reason why he’s the best man for the job – Super 8.

Steve Sansweet Talks Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

Steve Sansweet and his collection

If you’ve been a fan of ‘Star Wars’ for as long as I have, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of vintage action figures along the way. But not as many as world-renowned collector, Steve Sansweet.