Star Wars VII Concept Art? Not Quite

New X-Wing

Star Wars artist Robert Bailey has found that his awesome X-Wing drawings were confused for official concept art.

After three rather cool drawings appeared on Robert Bailey’s Facebook page, the internet ran wild with speculation. After all, he’s an officially licensed ‘Star Wars’ artist and has created a number of concept art pieces for other productions.

But is this the first official ‘Star Wars VII’ concept art? Actually, no…

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Appearing on the ‘Star Wars’ fan site Star Wars Underworld, these rather awesome artworks were assumed to be connected to the upcoming ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

“Unlike most of the concept art we’ve seen leak over the past few years, these pieces come from an official source,” they said. “Robert Bailey, who was originally an aviation artist until being discovered by George Lucas, is now an officially licensed artist for Star Wars, Disney and Marvel.”

Old X-Wing

Unfortunately, the speculation turned out to be false… and after getting in touch with Robert Bailey himself, I was told that the artwork is not related to the production of ‘Star Wars VII’.

“These are definitely not concept drawings from the next Star Wars movie,” he explained. “They are based upon the Star Wars trailer, which as you know is in the public arena. I can fully understand how these rumours start, and that fans are very excited about the upcoming film. But Lucasfilm would not allow the release of concept frames at this time.”

Trailer X-Wing

So for now, it looks as though we’re still yet to get an official look at that elusive ‘Star Wars VII’ concept art.

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Either way, I think we can all appreciate the stunning quality of Robert Bailey’s artwork. And with a different perspective on the flight of the new X-Wing’s, that’s a piece that will stay in my memory for some time to come.

But when it comes to official concept art, it seems we have a bit of a wait.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ heads to cinemas on 18 December 2016.

What do you think of these awesome X-Wing drawings? Will we see some official concept art soon enough? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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