Luke V Darth In Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles (EXCLUSIVE)

Another exciting episode of ‘The Yoda Chronicles’ is heading to our screens, with ‘Clash of the Skywalkers’ pitting Luke and Vader against each other in battle!

Heading straight to Disney XD, this new episode of the popular ‘Star Wars LEGO series will appear on 27 November 2014. And while Luke and Vader duke it out on screen, ‘Star Wars’ fans have the chance to turn the tides of the battle…

“For this special episode, fans can head over to to choose their side and decide who wins in the battle of good vs evil: Luke Skywalker or his arch-enemy Darth Vader.”

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Of course, this thrilling new adventure has high stakes for both the Empire and Rebellion, as Luke attempts a daring move that was last used by his father himself… but will Vader be able to anticipate his every move?

Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles - Luke V Darth

“In this thrilling adventure, ‘Clash of the Skywalkers’, the enraged Emperor sends Darth Vader and his entire fleet to find and destroy Luke as revenge for his destruction of the Holocrons. But Luke finds inspiration from the last remaining Holocron – a daring move pulled off years earlier by his father, Anakin. The emboldened Luke uses Anakin’s move to lure Vader and the Imperial Fleet into a trap that could turn the tide for the Rebellion – or lead to disaster.”

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‘Star Wars’ fans can vote on the outcome of the battle until Monday 24 November 2014… and then tune into Disney XD the following Thursday to find out whether or not Luke is able to best Vader in combat.

May the Force be with you, Luke.

What do you think of this cool new episode? Will Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader prevail? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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