Splinter Cell Movie Starts Filming In 2015

Splinter Cell

It looks as though ‘Splinter Cell’ will start filming a lot sooner than we thought… with Tom Hardy expected to head to the set sometime in 2015.

It’s the video game adaptation we’ve all been waiting for – Tom Hardy will finally bring Sam Fisher to the big screen in the upcoming ‘Splinter Cell’ movie. But while communication has gone dark on the upcoming espionage movie, it looks as though covert black ops will begin as early as next year.

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During an interview with Collider, producer Basil Ilwanyk revealed that the ‘Splinter Cell’ movie will begin filming next year.

“Splinter Cell will go sometime next year,” he said. “That’s Doug Liman and Tom Hardy. We’re getting the script right because if you have Doug Liman and Tom Hardy you want to make it great.”

Starring Tom hardy as Sam Fisher, it looks as though this could be the video game movie that breaks the curse of being a video game movie. And if you ask me, the subject is ripe for a big screen adaptation.

But what should we expect from Sam Fisher’s big screen debut?

“It’s very, very active,” said Ilwanyk. “We’re going to make it.  Tom and Doug are going to make it when it’s perfect and we’re getting there. It’s not a movie you want to jam [together] quickly. We have three perfectionists. Ubisoft, who has a huge asset on their hands so they’re not going to make a movie for the sake of making a movie. We have Doug Liman, who’s Doug Liman. He’s not going to make a movie for the sake of making a movie. Tom Hardy is one of the hottest actors in the world. With that combination, we have to make it great.”

In addition to Ilwanyk, hardy and Liman, it looks as though another big name is working on the script – Sheldon Turner. The experienced writer-producer is perhaps best known for ‘X-Men: First Class’… and it’s easy to see why he’s wanted for ‘Splinter Cell’.

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Of course, ‘Splinter Cell’ remains without an official release date. But with filming expected in 2015, it looks as though 20th Century Fox and Ubisoft will want to get something pinned down fairly soon.

But when exactly will ‘Splinter Cell’ end up on the big screen? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you looking forward to the ‘Splinter Cell’ movie? Will we get an official release date anytime soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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