Josh Trank Exits Star Wars Spin-Off

Josh Trank Star Wars

The second Star Wars spin-off is now without a director… as Josh Trank exits the project. But what really happened?

James Wan In Talks For Robotech

James Wan Robotech

It looks as though director James Wan may be trading in fast cars for furious robots, as he enters talks for the upcoming Robotech movie.

Maika Monroe Joins Independence Day 2

Maika Monroe Independence Day 2

Independence Day 2 lands another cast member… as director Roland Emmerich reveals Maika Monroe has signed up to the sci-fi sequel.

Neill Blomkamp Slams Call Of Duty 3: Black Ops

Chappie Call of Duty

Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie may have inspired Call of Duty: Black Ops 3… but the South-African director is far from happy about it.

Sam Claflin Rumoured For Star Wars: Rogue One

Sam Claflin Riz Ahmed Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One is already recruiting… as Sam Claflin and Riz Ahmed enter talks to join the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off.

Galaxy Quest TV Series In The Works

Galaxy Quest

It looks as though Galaxy Quest – the classic Tim Allen ‘Star Trek’ spoof – will be getting its own TV series.

New X-Files Series Sees Walter Skinner Return

X-Files Walter Skinner

It looks as though FBI assistant-director Walter Skinner will be back in the new X-Files series… as Mitch Pileggi confirms his return.

Jurassic World Shocks With New Full Trailer

Jurassic World Trailer

Jurassic World is open for business in the new, full theatrical trailer… but it looks as though the Indomitus Rex isn’t playing nice.

Star Wars: Rogue One Plot Confirmed

Star Wars Rogue One Concept Art

Star Wars: Rogue One will reveal a daring raid to steal the original Death Star plans… as confirmed by director Gareth Edwards.

Ryan Gosling In Talks For Blade Runner Sequel

Ryan Gosling Blade Runner

It looks as though Blade Runner 2 may have found its next star… as Ryan Gosling enters talks for the highly-anticipated sci-fi sequel.