TV Reviews

The Flash Trajectory S02E16 The Flash – Trajectory (Review) 09 April, 2016 - The Flash is back... and this time, he's faced with a female speedster zipping around Central City.

Arrow – Public Enemy (Review)

Oliver desperately tries to stop Ra’s al Ghul whilst running from the police in this week’s Arrow. But will he succeed?

The Flash – Tricksters (Review)

This week it’s one of the best episodes of The Flash so far, as Barry tackles an old threat… in the form of Mark Hamill.

Grimm Season 4 – Death Do Us Part (Review)

This week’s Grimm sees the team investigate a ‘Haunted House’ with electrifying results…

Arrow – Suicidal Tendencies Review

It’s another look at the Suicide Squad on this week’s Arrow… and it’s a welcome return.

The Flash – Rogue Time (Review)

The Flash left us with a cliff-hanger last week. But will our hero be able to save the time line?

The Flash – Out Of Time (Review)

It’s revenge time on this week’s episode of The Flash as Mark Mardon, brother of Clyde, returns to Central City.

Grimm Season 4 – Tribunal (Review)

We’re straight back into the action on this week’s Grimm… as Monroe’s life hangs in the balance.

Arrow – The Offer (Review)

With Ra’s al Ghul offering Oliver the position of head of The League of Assassins, it’s a difficult question on this week’s Arrow.

Grimm Season 4 – Wesenrein (Review)

Things are getting serious in this weeks Grimm as the season takes a dark turn… but will Monroe be okay?

Arrow – Nanda Parbat (Review)

Ra’s al Ghul has an offer for Oliver on this week’s ‘Arrow’… but will he take it?