TV Reviews

The Flash Trajectory S02E16 The Flash – Trajectory (Review) 09 April, 2016 - The Flash is back... and this time, he's faced with a female speedster zipping around Central City.

Game Of Thrones – The Gift (Review)

Game of Thrones - The Gift

Game of Thrones has been playing a dangerous turn this season… but it may have just hit its stride with The Gift.

The Flash – Rogue Air (Review)

The Flash - Rogue Air

The Flash rogues gallery is out in force this week… but can Barry handle it?

Game Of Thrones – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Review)

Game of Thrones - Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

Game of Thrones throws poor Sansa to the Wolves this week. But has it gone too far?

Arrow – My Name Is Oliver Queen

Arrow - My Name Is Oliver Queen

Oliver and Team Arrow find themselves racing against time to stop Ra’s al Ghul from destroying Starling City. But can they save the day?

The Flash – Grodd Lives (Review)

The Flash - Grodd Lives

Barry Allen meets a classic DC villain on The Flash this week… as he squares up to Gorilla Grodd.

Game Of Thrones – Kill The Boy (Review)

Game of Thrones - Kill The Boy

As far as deceptive titles go, this week’s Game of Thrones takes the biscuit. There is no killing of a boy… not literally at least.

Arrow – This Is Your Sword (Review)

Arrow - This Is Your Sword

On this week’s Arrow, evil Oliver has a wedding to take part in. Meanwhile, once again, Team Arrow has to try and carry on without him.

The Flash – The Trap (Review)

The Flash - The Trap

This week’s Flash reveals that Eobard Thawne must have the patience of a saint… incredibly odd when you consider his villainous behaviour.

Game Of Thrones – Sons Of The Harpy (Review)

Game of Thrones - Sons of the Harpy

A somewhat disjointed affair, this week’s Game Of Thrones manages to be both entertaining and perplexing at the same time.

Arrow – Al Sah-Him (Review)

Arrow - Al Sah-Him

Oliver has agreed to become the new Ra’s al Ghul… and this week’s Arrow sees his transformation taking him to scary, new levels.