Black Mirror Gets A Christmas Special

It’s that time of year when Christmas is just around the corner and the yuletide specials are out in force… but if Christmas cheer is what you’re after, you might want to stay away from Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’.

Star Wars Rebels Will Feature Classic Characters

It’s not long until ‘Star Wars Rebels’ hits our screens… and it looks as though we should expect some classic ‘Star Wars’ characters to make an appearance.

Arrow and The Flash Fight In Crossover Episode

That’s right folks – Grant Gustin and Steven Amell have been spotted on set in their superhero costumes… and it looks as though their meeting hasn’t gone as well as they hoped.

Charles Dance To Return In Game Of Thrones

Although he’s already met an untimely end in ‘Game of Thrones’ it’s not the last we’ve seen of Charles Dance… as he confirms that Tywin Lannister will be back in Series 5.

Supergirl TV Series Picked Up By CBS

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman’s cousin Kara! And it looks as though she’s finally returning to our screens in an all-new ‘Supergirl’ TV show.

Nick Frost To Appear In Doctor Who Christmas Special

After taking on a mechanical menace in Edgar Wright’s ‘The World’s End’ it looks as though Nick Frost is heading back to sci-fi for the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special.

Danger Mouse Casts Alexander Armstrong

That’s right folks – ‘Danger Mouse’ is about to return to our screens… and it seems he’s being voiced by the wonderful Alexander Armstrong.

Cary Elwes Talks Saw TV Series

He may have survived the events of the ‘Saw’ franchise, but will Dr Gordon return? It looks as though Cary Elwes has hinted at a possible TV return for the unhinged Jigsaw survivor.

Doctor Who: American Viewers Struggle With Capaldi’s Accent

It looks as though American ‘Doctor Who’ fans are struggling to understand the new series… after Peter Capaldi’s Scottish accent proves to be a bit too much.

Live-Action Teen Titans TV Show In The Works

After expanding their TV presence with ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Gotham’, it looks as though DC might also be bringing Teen Titans back to our screens.