Godzilla Sequel Gets A Writer

After penning Gareth Edwards’ hugely successful ‘Godzilla’, it looks as though Max Borenstein will return for the highly-anticipated monster sequel.

Doctor Strange Rumoured For 2016

It’s one of Marvel’s worst-kept secrets – ‘Doctor Strange’ will eventually head to cinema screens after plenty of rumours and speculation. And it looks as though we may finally have a release date…

Star Wars: Anthony Daniels Hated CGI C-3PO

After appearing in every ‘Star Wars’ movie since ‘A New Hope’, Anthony Daniels speaks out about the CGI version of C-3PO… and it seems he wasn’t fussed.

Bond 24 To Start Filming In December

Although we still don’t have an official title, it looks as though the upcoming ‘Bond 24’ will begin filming by the end of the year.

Zack Snyder Unveils The Batmobile… Again

The all-new Batmobile has already been a source of contention amongst Batman fans… but will it live up to its predecessors? It seems we finally get the chance to find out.

Venom Movie Will Be Darker Than Spider-Man

Alex Kurtzman reveals that when it comes to his ‘Venom’ spin-off movie, we can expect a much darker tone to the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise.