New Doctor Who Comic Launches This Month

Doctor Who Comic

The Doctor heads off on some new adventures in the new ‘Doctor Who’ comic… and it looks as though Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be joined by Matt Smith and David Tenant.

Titan Comics has announced that their new ‘Doctor Who’ comic will introduce all-new adventures for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. Appearing in their own on-going monthly series, the Doctors get another chance to take us out in the TARDIS.

And fans of the earlier Doctors will no doubt be pleased.

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According to the official release, Titan Comics’ new title will bring three new adventures with three different Doctors.

“Join the Tenth Doctor as he deals with the aftermath of Donna Noble’s heart-breaking farewell,” it reads. “The Doctor feels he may never again have another companion, but maybe an adventure with some psychic aliens, a New York laundrette operator and the Mexican Day of the Dead festival can help change his mind.”

But what about David Tenant’s Doctor? It looks as though he’s having some fun and frolics while Amy and Rory aren’t around to keep an eye on him…

“While Amy and Rory are away, the Eleventh Doctor will play. Experience a time-twisting adventure as he hurtles down a collision course into a terrifying cosmic threat. Can the Doctor save the day once more with a grieving young woman, a 70s musician, and an amnesiac alien? Find out in this issue!”

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Finally, it looks as though Peter Capaldi’s Doctor sets off on a brand new adventure alongside companion, Clara Oswald.

“The Doctor is off to his most challenging destination yet,” they explain. “Whether he’s battling a fearsome, millennia-old entity on a freshly-terraformed planet or fighting the forces of an ancient alien, expect shocks, surprises and time-shaking revelations.”

Of course, ‘Doctor Who’ returns to our screens later this year… but until then, at least we have some new comics to dig into.

BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’ comic launches 26 February 2015, priced £3.99.

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