New Clip From Nolan’s Interstellar

‘Interstellar’ is one of this year’s most highly-anticipated films… and now we get our first look at Cooper’s plight in this exclusive new clip.

(Thanks to Time Magazine for the exclusive new clip)

Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper faces a rather dubious ‘reality check’ after being called into his daughter’s school. Faced with a teacher who doesn’t believe that the Apollo moon landings happened, it’s clear that Cooper doesn’t quite share the sentiment – but it seems the United States Government is on the side of the conspiracy theorists…

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Set sometime in the near future, humanity has been struck by an unnamed blight, and with dwindling resources it seems that luxuries such as space travel have been removed from the table.

In a bid to keep people’s minds away from the luxuries of the past, the US government gets on board with the conspiracy theories – claiming that the Apollo missions were part of a huge hoax, with the aim of forcing the Russians to waste millions on the space race. And it seems that this lie has been written into classroom textbooks.

Of course, Cooper and his daughter don’t believe it… and when she brings an old textbook into class, it’s clearly the source of some friction – especially since her teacher won’t believe the truth.

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It’s clear that Cooper is infuriated… and it seems this grounded astronaut takes great offense to the suggestion that his accomplishments were all a lie. It’s an intense scene which clearly shows us that in a film set mostly in the expanse of space, it’s all about human relationships at its core.

And I can’t wait to see how Cooper’s trip turns out.

‘Interstellar’ is in cinemas across the UK from 7 November 2014.

Are you excited for ‘Interstellar’? What do you think of this cool new clip? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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