Kong: Skull Island Set In The 1970s?

King Kong

After speculation that ‘Kong: Skull Island’ would take place before the recent ‘King Kong’ reboot, it looks as though that may not be the case…

It’s long been rumoured that the upcoming ‘Skull Island’ would be a prequel to the ‘King Kong’ movie… and with Peter Jackson’s reboot as the closest we’ve had to the original, we all assumed it might predate his 2006 film.

But now it looks as though the upcoming ‘Skull Island’ might take us into uncharted waters…

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During an interview with MTV, the 60-year-old ‘Skull Island’ star revealed that the upcoming ‘King Kong’ movie will be set in the 1970s… placing it outside the realms of Peter Jackson’s recent remake.

“There’s such an interesting new take on it,” he told Josh Horowitz. “And it’s set in Detroit in the 1971 which is where I grew up.”

Of course, with ‘Skull Island’ said to predate the events of King Kong’s capture, it looks as though it won’t quite line up with Jackson’s 2005 film. Either that, or it won’t be a prequel movie after all…

“Whatever the name of it might end up being, there will be something about King Kong and/or Skull Island in the title. It’ll be me and Hiddleston and Keaton – is that for sure now?”

But while J.K. Simmons and Michael Keaton bring a touch of old school class to the production, it looks as though Simmons wasn’t entirely convinced at first.

“When it first came to my attention that there was interest in [me] for a new King Kong, I thought ‘okay why?’. But I met with Jordan Vogt-Roberts who’s going to be directing it, and John Gatins who’s going to be writing and Tom…”

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Obviously, Simmons is hugely grateful to be heading back to Detroit… and while little is known about the upcoming movie, we can expect one star to be very, very happy.

“It’s where I grew up,” he told Josh Horowitz, “and we’re going to shoot in Detroit during baseball season, so I’ll get to go to Tigers games. There’s a lot to like about [making] this movie.”

‘Kong: Skull Island’ heads to cinemas on 10 march 2017.

What do you think of this potentially new timeline? Will ‘Skull Island’ be another reboot or set after ‘King Kong’? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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