Jack Huston In Talks For The Crow

Jack Huston The Crow

After Luke Evans pulled out of ‘The Crow’ reboot, it looks as though the search is on for his replacement… and it might just be Jack Huston.

It’s no secret that Welsh actor Luke Evans was very interested in joining the remake of the 1994 cult classic, ‘The Crow’. But after scheduling conflicts and production delays, he was forced to leave the faltering project. But that’s not stopping them from going ahead…

After a short search, it seems they may have found their Crow – none other than Jack Huston.

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According to Deadline, the 32-year-old British actor is being pursued for the role of Eric Draven in the upcoming ‘The Crow’ reboot.

“Relativity Studios has set its sights on Jack Huston to play the lead character in the Corin Hardy-directed remake of ‘The Crow’,” they revealed. “Talks are in the early stage.”

Of course, with filming due to begin in spring 2015, the studio really has to push towards landing their leading man. And while talks are said to be in the early stages, it’s surely not long before they’ll need their star on set. That is, if they’re not going to push production back yet-again.

But will Jack Huston be the right man for the role?

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Since his critically-acclaimed stint in ‘Boardwalk Empire’, Huston has landed high-profile roles in the likes of ‘Ben-Hur’ and the upcoming ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. And while ‘The Crow’ seems like another excellent string to add to his bow, I can’t help thinking that the troubled production may not have enough of a following to do well at the box office.

Still, it’s great news for fans of ‘The Crow’ – after all, it was starting to look as though the project may be dead in the water. Let’s just hope Jack Huston signs on the dotted line.

What do you think of Jack Huston? Will he make a good Eric Draven in ‘The Crow’ remake? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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