New Alien Movie Won’t Undo Alien 3

After angering Alien fans, director Neill Blomkamp explains that his sequel won’t undo the events of Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection.

Jack Huston In Talks For The Crow

After Luke Evans pulled out of The Crow reboot, it looks as though the search is on for his replacement… and it might just be Jack Huston.

Alien 5 Will Ignore The Last Two Sequels

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie will completely disregard Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection… and Sigourney Weaver is definitely on board.

Grimm Season 4 – Cry Luison (Review)

After Nick lost his powers, last week’s Grimm revealed that Juliette is vital to curing him… But will she be able to go through with it?

Grimm Season 4 – Dyin’ On A Prayer (Review)

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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Still In The Works?

It looks as though Neill Blomkamp’s untitled Alien sequel could get made… as the director reveals he’s still working on the project.

Grimm Season 4 – The Last Fight (Review)

It looks as though the new Grimm on the block is forced to take over now that Nick’s powers are gone… but can she handle the pressure?

Jurassic World Toys Reveal Another Hybrid Dinosaur

It looks as though the scientists at Jurassic World have been rather busy… as yet-another hybrid dinosaur has been revealed.

New Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer

Jurassic World has finally given us a glimpse of the Indominus Rex in action… during this rather awesome new trailer.

Grimm Season 4 – Octopus Head (Review)

It’s crunch-time on Grimm when the Captain’s life hangs in the balance… but can he be saved? And will Nick get his powers back?