Guillermo Del Toro To Drop Justice League Dark?

Justice League Dark

It looks as though ‘Justice League Dark’ may have to go ahead without Guillermo del Toro… as scheduling conflicts seemingly force him out.

During an interview with IGN, the celebrated director gave an update on the upcoming movie… but it seems he may not be making it after all.

“We turned in our [script] revision, and it all depends on the calendar, you know?” del Toro explained. “If I can do it, I would love to do it. And I think the screenplay and the characters are very solid.”

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Of course, del Toro has long been linked to the ‘Justice League Dark’ movie… but while he’d love to be sat in the director’s chair, it seems it’s not quite so simple.

“You cannot say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it after I do this,’ or ‘I have the first season of The Strain’,” said the filmmaker. “[Justice League Dark] needs to fall into the plan of the DC Universe.”

But who will take over the ambitious project?

“Somebody will do it,” he added.

Featuring the likes of John Constantine, Zatanna and Madame Xanadu, the Justice League Dark traditionally handle supernatural threats deemed unfit for the traditional Justice League.

And this tends to pit them against a variety of supernatural foes.

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Of course, the highly-anticipated project now seems to be without a director… and after del Toro showed such enthusiasm for the project, it’s a great loss. That is, if he is forced to pull out.

Who could replace him? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s a dark day for the Justice League Dark.

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ heads to cinemas on 25 March 2016.

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