Grimm Seson 4 – Maréchaussée (Review)

Grimm - Maréchaussée

This weeks ‘Grimm’ sees Adalind return to Portland and a council bounty hunter with his sights set on Nick…

It seems the wesen council are back administering their own justice this episode. A Maréchaussée is prowling round Portland, doing the council’s dirty work. First on the list is a dubious double act, who use their wogue to perfect a clairvoyance act and cheat us regular folk out of a small fortune.

The team are sent in to investigate the murders, and Wu suspects wesen involvement. Fresh back from their honeymoon, Monroe and Rosalee are called upon for help in the matter. Rosalee suggests the fake clairvoyants may have violated council law, causing the council to send out their own people to deal with them. She is concerned about Nick getting involved and offers to find out more from the council.

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Elsewhere, it’s bad news for Renard as he hears that Adalind and Viktor are back in town. He decides to pay them a visit. They are back for baby Diana, but the captain explains that she is with someone he thought could protect her. Adalind is understandably still bitter, and makes a lunge for him, but Viktor stops her and keeps things civil. Given the clear tensions, it seems unlikely their strained relationship won’t be getting any better.

Viktor makes it clear that they wont leave Portland without the baby and tells Renard to use his police network to track Kelly Burkhart. He tempts him with talk of inclusion in the family. But will Renard take the bait?

Meanwhile, the mysterious Henrietta is helping Juliette with her Hexen issues. She takes a sample of Juliettes blood to test, and tells her she’ll be in touch once the blood has synthesised and she has something to show her. But it looks like the results are more than she expected…

After Juliette’s blood foams out of the glass and burns like acid through Henrietta’s floor, she tells Juliette that it is a sign of how powerful she is. She claims that there is no changing back and that she needs to learn to control her power. Juliette may not have wanted her powers, but it looks like she’s stuck with them. But will she be able to deal with her newfound abilities?

Back at Monroe’s place, Rosalee gets a call from the council. They tell her to take no further action with her inquiries or assist the Grimm in any way. The council seem to think Nick has interfered one too many times in their affairs. This seems to tip them over the edge, and a bounty is placed on Nick’s head… it looks like he’ll be the scorpion-like creature’s next victim!

After arresting the Maréchaussée, Nick realises the council want him dead. However, before he can crack him, the creature escapes police custody and Nick frantically calls Juliette to warn her. But his warning is too late, as Juliette finds herself face-to-face with the gigantic scorpion.

He calls Nick to lure him to the house, but he has underestimated the new bad-ass Juliette…

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The pair start to fight, and the creature rears up ready to stab her with its tail. But Juliette stops him in his tracks by holding up her hand. Clearly stunned, he watches in horror as the Hexenbiest turns his tail towards his chest and stabs him. Nick arrives just after the action, and is shocked to see the dead man on his floor. Juliette doesn’t tell him what really happened, instead dryly commenting that the creature ‘missed’. But how long will she be able to hide her powers from him?

Juliette seems to have really found her feet with her Hexen powers, and it looks as though she’s turned into one tough cookie. This could make for some exciting episodes to come, especially with Adalind back in town…

What do you think Grimmsters, is Juliette a match for Adalind? Will she be able to tell Nick about her powers? Let us know in the comments below…

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