The Flash – The Trap (Review)

The Flash - The Trap

Eobard Thawne must have the patience of a saint. This is incredibly odd when one considers his very villainous behaviour.

Not to say that villains can’t be subtle and patient, but it sounds like the Eobard Thawne from the future is a very angry man, so one still can’t help but wonder how even his desire to return to his original timeline has kept him from going on a murderous rampage before.

Of course, now his secret’s out. Barry and co. get some very useful information from GIDEON, including the revelation that Barry is in fact the one who created her. With help from Joe, Team Flash begins figuring out the best way to trap Not-Dr Wells, and that’s where things get weird.

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Now, we all know this a super hero show. Things are going to happen, that could never happen, and a suspension of disbelief is something that needs to be tendered at all times. With that being said, how are Cisco and Caitlin stuck in S.T.A.R Labs? This week alone shows the duo capable of creating a machine that allows the user to be conscious during a dream and talk to people while it’s happening. That alone is surely worth billions (heck, I know I’ve wished for a similar device during my lifetime), and the two would be Nobel Prize winners.

Moving on. The plot here is inter-connected with flashbacks (still not funny) concerning how certain people handled things after Barry’s accident. Right off the bat, we see that Joe has always had his suspicions about Dr Wells (apparently being a cop gives you an un-deniable sixth sense for it). Iris, as it transpires, has always had feelings for Barry. Apparently so much so that Joe is willing to deny his blessing to Eddie’s marriage proposal because he knows that eventually she’ll realise it too. Let’s forget for one second that Iris is generally clueless and assume she might never figure it out. I don’t know. Future Room suggests that the two are married in the future, so there’s that.

Of course when your episode is called ‘The Trap’, there has to be a pretty good one in there. Cisco and such devise a scheme wherein which they will trap Reverse Flash in the basement and get him to confess to murdering Barry’s mother. Remember before how I speculated that Wells/Thawne was onto them? Yeah. He was onto them. So much so, that in one fell swoop he gets rid of Hannibal Bates (which is good because he knew Barry’s true identity), and kidnaps Eddie.

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We can’t talk about this whole debacle without getting into how Barry fares this week. With the cat now out of the bag and doing back flips around the room, he finally gets the chance to rail on Thawne, a little. Unfortunately there is no big confrontation or rage induced violence, just Barry shouting at Thawne over the phone. Of course, with two episodes left there’s still plenty of time for that. Though I am wondering what Thawne plans to do now. He has no means of getting back to the future (ha), and Barry will likely pursue him to the ends of the earth.

Overall a good episode with only some minor slips in terms of filler, and Iris. A final fight between Flash and Reverse Flash seems to be on the cards, but from the look of the previews, Team Flash will have to get through Grodd first. And even if Barry does find his foe, he’s not the hero he is in the future, so how can he be ready to take on his arch nemesis decades before the two are even supposed to meet?

Will Barry catch Thawne? Will Cisco and Caitlin ever be honoured for their contribution to science? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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