The Flash – All Star Team Up

The Flash - All Star Team Up

Felicity and Ray stop by in Central City on this week’s ‘Flash’… and he’s brought his suit.

It’s a very special moment this week as Barry gets to team up with A.T.O.M. Meanwhile, Barry and Eddie continue with the struggle of knowing Dr Wells’ secret with varying problems as a result. In the B-Plot, a tech genius with an army of robot bees is killing people.

This week’s episode is a lot fun. If you (and me) can take five from wondering when the actual season’s plot will eventually become the main focus and take it for what it is. The title ‘All Star Team Up’ is a tad misleading, as A.T.O.M is the only additional hero in the running this week.

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Brie Larvan is our bee-keeper. We get some funny bee themed puns (and some not so subtle shout outs to other DC properties), and a majority of the fun comes from Cisco and Ray playing off one another. If there was ever going to be a series of webisodes, these two would be the ones to put in it. Felicity’s foot-in-her-mouth humour has been wearing thin for a while now, and it certainly doesn’t feel well placed here.

The swarm of bees feels reminiscent of the gas-based meta-human from the early episodes. Similar effects too. That being said, it’s interesting to note that once again, Barry has been more hard-pressed to deal with a regular person with special tech than he has been with a super villain. One wonders how he will ever be able to beat Reverse Flash if he can’t outrun robotic bees.

Meanwhile, Cisco has started having bad dreams. More specifically, the kind of bad dreams where he’s seeing things from the original timeline that happened just before Barry sped into the past. This raises a great many questions, namely how is this happening? Is it an indication of Cisco eventually having powers of his own? If it’s the original timeline spiking, then how come none of the other characters are remembering things that didn’t happen?

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A big theme this week is secrets. Barry feels it wouldn’t be safe to involve Caitlin and Cisco in his investigation of Wells. Joe logically says that they shouldn’t talk to them about it unless they’re sure they aren’t well aware of Dr Wells’ activities. Felicity acts as a counterpoint to that, telling Barry that secrets don’t make friends. This doesn’t help where it’s indicated that the reason Eddie can’t tell Iris what’s going on is for her safety, only for Barry to end up telling Cisco and Caitlin at the end of the episode anyway.

Still, with the majority of the good guys now on the same page about Dr Wells, that means some sleuthing is surely on the cards for next week. Felicity and Ray may be gone, but it’s good to know that Barry has friends who have access to a weapon-ised armored suit that he can call in if he needs to. Dr Wells can only have noticed how strangely Barry’s been acting (unless those meaningful looks while nobody notices are just what he does), heck, the robotic bee thing nearly got him out of his chair.

Do you think Cisco will get super powers? Will the team be able to find anything concrete on Dr Wells? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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