The Flash – Plastique Review

The Flash Plastique

This week sees us with our first female meta-human. Bettie Sans Souci has the ability to turn anything she touches into an explosive. And when General Eiling and the military get involved, it’s up to Barry and Co. to step in.

Plastique is something of a mixed bag. When it works, it works great, and vice versa. What begins as a fairly light-hearted scene turns into a back and forth mix of serious and comedy. We learn that the military is pursuing Bettie with the hopes of using her powers for military gain. It’s a fairly formulaic plot that seems to be more of a background event for the sheer amounts of character drama present this week.

Barry and Iris is a pretty big thing this week. With Joe making Barry promise to get Iris to stop blogging about the streak, such things are to be expected. We even get an interesting scene where Barry goes as to talk to Iris in costume. Unfortunately Iris doesn’t quite connect the dots about why The Streak or Barry want her to stop blogging about it: namely because eventually someone is one day going to try and find The Flash through her. It’s pretty cool that Barry finds his own way of altering his voice, you can sort of see him trying to be mysterious like Oliver might be, but failing.

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Joe, bless him, seems happy with the idea of Barry and Iris being together. Barry asks ‘Am I that obvious?’ when Joe lets on he’s known about his unrequited feelings for his daughter for many years. Unfortunately, yes, it’s one of those fairly clear points, something that everyone but Iris seems to be aware of even though she’s uncannily aware that something is up with Barry in general.

Anyway, Bettie’s powers are well shown here, with some very nice effects towards the end of the episode. Cisco crushes on her a little, that feels like a shoe-horned in plot. It does give us some lighter scenes where even Caitlin is less reserved than usual. The highlight of these is Barry demonstrating that due to his powers, he can no longer get drunk. We finally found a major downside to being The Flash.

As is par of the course with super powered humans, there has to be one with a less desirable power that you can understand not wanting to have it. Think like the way the X-Men films keep bringing up Mystique and acting like people wouldn’t find her natural blue form attractive only actually believable. Bettie does her best with what little screen time she has, better at least than General Eiling who is little more than a moustachio wearing suit sans moustache.

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On the plus side, it is nice to have another super powered human who isn’t evil for a change. Unfortunately Dr Wells overplays things a bit this time and sets her on the path to destruction, which of course ends in the only way it could: death. So we had yet another interesting character who won’t be fleshed out with no chance of a reappearance later on. We do get a little more insight into Dr Wells’ background. He has a history with Eiling, and Eiling makes it out of this episode alive, leaving him clear to show up in future episodes.

Unfortunately, Bettie’s attempts at telling Barry what Wells did doesn’t go anywhere. Unless Barry happens to mention it next week, we’re left with a dangling thread that he wasn’t curious enough to pursue. Also it turns out Barry can run up buildings or on water if needs be. Both of which are insanely cool things to see. Coupled with more instances of Barry using his powers for mundane things like downing several shots in seconds, we have a fairly grounded super hero show at the moment.

With the Arrow cross-over episode still a few weeks away, we’re left with a few teasers to Groddo appearing in future, though considering how he’s being kept in the dark, I forsee an actor in a bad suit coming our way.

Do you think General Eiling will reveal exactly what Dr Wells is up to? Do you think Bettie should have lived to fight another day? Let us know in the comments below…

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