First Look Agent Carter Teaser Trailer

It’s official – our first look at ‘Agent Carter’ is finally here… along with a completely unnecessary and largely offensive tag line!

“Sometimes, the best man for the job… is a woman.” And so, decades of feminism is seemingly flushed down the pan at a time when Marvel Studios should be basking in the glory of a ‘Captain Marvel’ movie making its way to the big screen.

But despite the cringe worthy tag line, will ‘Agent Carter’ be any good?

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So far, we’ve seen very little of the upcoming 8-part series… and this very brief trailer doesn’t exactly shed much light on the show.

Giving us a sexy glimpse at Peggy Carter suiting up (complete with garter and pistol) and then a brief but glamorous saunter through a crowded room, that’s about all we see of her.

That is, apart from her signature pistol shot towards the camera.

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Still, it’s clear from the visuals that we’ll be treated to some rather awesome 1940’s action as we finally get to see Agent Carter doing what she does best.But I can’t help thinking that the slightly sexist overtones might detract from the fact that Marvel is bringing another powerful female character to our screens.

It’s certainly great to see Hayley Atwell back in the role… and I can’t wait to see more from Agent Carter. But as far as this brief teaser goes, it seems like a bit of a misfire.

What do you think of the new ‘Agent Carter’ teaser trailer? Has Marvel sent somewhat mixed messages? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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  • eddy viegas

    now a days we are so used to mutants and super hero movies that i dont think this one will work out that well…but u know this is marvel. they can surprise us.

    on the contrary if the story line is good and if she delivers her best outstandingly, id be glad to be surprised. Well shes likable. id watch it when its out but sometimes its best to wait and watch. much hyped trailers dont meet up to the expectations but sometimes under-hyped movies end up doing excellent.

    personally I feel this one will be good one time watch movie.

  • eddy viegas

    hope they use some of avengers in this movie