Doctor Who Movie Isn’t Happening

Doctor Who

Although Peter Capaldi might be interested in a ‘Doctor Who’ film, it looks as though it just won’t be possible according to show runner, Steven Moffat.

It’s no secret that the current Doctor, 56-year-old Peter Capaldi, wants to star in a new ‘Doctor Who’ film. In fact, he recently gave support to the idea during an interview with Hey U Guys.

“I think [a movie] would be fun,” he said. “I don’t know where they are on that officially, but certainly [the show] seems to be getting bigger and it looks so much like a movie now. The production values are so high that it looks extraordinary. So I think a Doctor Who movie would be great.”

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But could it really happen? During an interview with The Express, Steven Moffat revealed that it’s probably very much off the table.

“How do we do it without leaching from the television series, which we’re not allowed to do because Doctor Who is public funded?” he asked… but it seems he doubts there would be a way around the issue.

And if that’s the case, it could be confusing for the fans…

“If it’s going to be a different Doctor are we going to try and sell two Doctors at the same time? I know there’s been loads of Doctors but there’s only been one at a time. You don’t have a James Bond on TV and one in the cinema.”

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Of course, Moffat raises an interesting point – would this even be possible? I’m not so sure… and it’s for that reason that a ‘Doctor Who’ movie is such a difficult thing. But what about a return for one of the previous Doctors?

I’m thinking, of course, of Paul McGann – the Eigth Doctor who has already appeared in his own ‘Doctor Who’ film. After his brief appearance in ‘The Night of the Doctor’ in the lead-up to the show’s 50th anniversary, he’s proven himself to be as popular as ever.

Could a ‘Doctor Who’ film series continue the adventures of McGann’s Doctor? Although it’s unlikely, I can’t help thinking it would be pretty awesome.

Do you think there should be a ‘Doctor Who’ movie? Would Peter Capaldi make a great Doctor on the big screen? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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