Doctor Who Fans Beware: There’s A HUGE Spoiler Online

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor - Credit: BBC

UPDATE: The BBC has since confirmed the spoiler in an official statement.

Doctor Who is about to return… so avoid that spoiler.

It’s just weeks away – Doctor Who Series 10 returns to our screens on 15 April 2017. But while fans are counting down the days, it looks as though some journalists just can’t help themselves…

And there’s already a huge spoiler in the wild.

(Nope – we won’t be revealing it here)

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Ahead of its Series 10 debut, Doctor Who has already been shown to a select group of journalist… including Dan Wootton at The Sun.

I think you can see where this is heading.

Although Episode 1 reviews have already begun to hit, there’s a spoilery moment in the accompanying teaser trailer – a moment which showrunner Stephen Moffat even suggests you might not want to see.

The Doctor and Bill encounter the Daleks - Credit: BBC

“At the end of the episode there will be yet another awesome trailer for Doctor Who… at the very end of the trailer there is, frankly, an enormous spoiler, a spoiler that may actually melt your brains. But I promise you, you’d be better off not knowing because awesome though it will be here, it will be even more awesome in a few weeks’ time. So we’re gonna give you the option, in our frankly camp and ridiculous way…”

Before the trailer airs, a countdown is given to allow Doctor Who fans to divert their attention should they wish…

Obviously, nobody is going to be doing that.

But even before the teaser has aired, The Sun has decided to give away the enormous, TARDIS-shattering spoiler in one of their headlines. Not just in an article – int he actual headline. So not only do the fans not get the choice to tune out, they’re actively forced to see it. Quite frankly, it’s an absolutely shitty move… and it’s not likely to win the newspaper any new fans.

My advice – stay clear of this spoiler as best you can. It’s absolutely huge. You’ll probably want to avoid The Sun newspapers, social media feeds and the like… and watch out for places that might report it. Doctor Who Twitter feeds and Facebook Groups will probably be a big no-no until the episode airs.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on 15 March 2017.

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