Danny Pink Wants To Return To Doctor Who (EXCLUSIVE)

Samuel Anderson Danny Pink

‘Doctor Who’ star Samuel Anderson admits that he’d love to return to the hit TV show… as Clara’s boyfriend, Danny Pink.

Although poor old Danny Pink met a rather grizzly end during the last series of ‘Doctor Who’ it seems that actor Samuel Anderson is keen to return. And while you might wonder how that could even be possible, it might not be such a bad idea.

Especially if the Doctor has anything to do with it.

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During an appearance at Cardiff Film and Comic Con, I caught up with Samuel Anderson to chat about ‘Doctor Who’… and he revealed how much he’d love to return.

“I really enjoyed it – I wouldn’t even think twice,” he said. “It was one of the best things I’ve ever done… I felt like I’d only just got started.”

Of course, fans of the show will clearly remember the demise of poor Danny Pink – turned into a cyberman during Missy’s grand plan at the end of series eight. It was a heart-breaking episode – especially for fans of the Clara/Danny romance.

Danny Pink Cyberman

But while Samuel Anderson is keen to return, could it even be possible?

“If [Steven Moffat] doesn’t write the Doctor going back in time and changing it, I’m hoping Orson might end up going back in time… you never know in ‘Doctor Who’ – anything could happen.”

It’s certainly an interesting thought, and with Orson presumably still out there somewhere, it could well open up the possibility of getting Samuel Anderson back on the show. But after a tear-jerking finale, I’d rather see Clara get her happy ending.

“It was deep on so many levels,” he said of the episode. “It addressed atheism, moralism, so many things… it was huge. From the read-through it was apparent how big it was and it was quite risky. I think Moffat really pushed the boat out and was rewarded with a brilliant couple of episodes. When I read it, I thought ‘wow’… it’s quite a risky subject with religion and the afterlife but he stuck to his guns and used his creative rights to go wherever he wanted. He did an excellent job.”

“Apart from the end of Danny, he did an excellent job…”

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Obviously, Samuel Anderson is very keen to get back into the show… and I can’t help thinking it might be a stroke of genius to eventually do it. Throughout the show, we’re shown the consequences of The Doctor’s interference, and even why tampering with timelines is such an incredibly bad idea.

But Clara Oswald is the impossible girl… and perhaps she deserves the impossible happy ending. And who knows – maybe Samuel Anderson can reprise the role of Danny Pink as he makes an unexpected return.

‘Doctor Who’ series nine is currently filming.

Do you think Danny Pink could return to ‘Doctor Who’? Will The Doctor undo everything that’s happened? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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  • William R. Cousert

    If the Doctor can undo Danny’s death, why can’t he bring back Amy and Rory? Why can’t he prevent himself from regenerating?

  • EKing

    Amy and Rory purposefully chose to sacrifice themselves to be together, to live there lives together. That the time period where they went was whatever time-whimey-off-limits is kind of bullsky, but they established it and sometimes we have to accept their rules. Who knows what rules they will come up with with regard to Danny, but three things: 1) they wrote Clara and Danny to be destined for each other; 2) we have still not gotten an explanation of who and what Clara is, and IMHO, I think who and what she is would cause The Doctor to go against his rules; and 3) right now, The Doctor is (pardon me) PISSED. He’s so angry. He failed Danny by not accepting him, then he failed him by not realizing that Danny would never save himself. He is The Doctor, and he saves people. And I *think* he’s got Danny on the brain. Or maybe… I just hope.

  • chris

    NO NO NO NO NO!!! I would HATE to see danny pink return. I hate to say it but I was so HAPPY to see him get hit by that car and die. I thought to myself “YES, finally clara can now get back to being the doctors companion” In my opinion he was the absolute WORST character in ANY doctor who season. The entire time all he done was wine and complain about clara taking off. He didnt care about seeing all the wonders of the universe, in the episode In the forest of the night he said ‘I dont want to see whats out there, i want to see whats in front of me more clearly. There are wonders here.” OMG BORING as fuck. He was the Anti-Doctor, always treating him like he was the bad guy for taking clara with him. He was constantly trying to drag clara down with him and make her stay there, with him in his boring as hell life being a “teacher”. Also he constantly had this chip on his shoulder about having been a soldier, as if he regretted it and he always thought he was being judged by people for that. Can anyone say insecure. But he was without a doubt the absolute worst Doctor Who character of all time, and i for one am HAPPY hes dead, or at least a cyberman now. And i hope like hell he stays that way. Cause Danny Pink coming back would be the worst decision the director of doctor who could do. Now thats not to say that he couldnt bring back Danny Pink, but he would have to be a completely different person, maybe bring him back as the cyberman, and have him fighting the daleks or something. But to have danny pink, the ex soldier, math teacher, whos boring ass life wouldnt allow him to have any ambition to see all the wonders and splenders of the universe, the souless drag on clara’s life come back, would just about make me stop watching the show all together.

  • IDontCareEnough

    Danny sort of has to come back to the show due to continuity errors. Remember the episode Listen, the astronaut was most likely a distant grandson of Clara and Danny so if Danny is already dead, the astronaut can’t be born unless Clara is already pregnant.

  • Al

    While the character had some merit to it, in the sense of being anti-doctor, the execution both from writing and acting points of view were such a disaster that easily turned Danny Pink into the worst major character in Dr. Who’s universe. I was really glad that they killed the character so soon. I honestly have mixed feelings about season 8 (which could’ve been an amazing season with Missy & everything) simply because of this one utterly stupid character.