Iron Fist May Get A Costume In The Defenders (EXCLUSIVE)

Should Iron Fist get his own costume? - Credit: Netflix

Iron Fist doesn’t get his comic book costume in Season One… but he could get it sooner than we thought. Iron Fist star Finn Jones hints we may see it by the end of The Defenders.

Iron Fist Stars Tease Season Two (EXCLUSIVE)

Marvel's Iron Fist - Credit: Netflix

It looks as though Iron Fist stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick are keen to get a second season… and they give us a hint what that might include.

Iron Fist Almost Passed Out Filming Brutal Fight Scene (Exclusive)

Finn Jones as Iron Fist - Credit: Marvel

Iron Fist star Finn Jones admits he pushed himself so far during a brutal fight scene that he almost passed out.

Finn Jones Says Iron Fist Is A Different Kind Of Hero (Exclusive)

Marvel's Iron Fist - Credit: Netflix

According to Iron Fist star Finn Jones, the immortal Iron Fist isn’t your usual kind of superhero… instead, he’s far more human.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Takes On The Vulture

Spider-Man takes on some thugs - Credit: Sony

The new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is finally here… and it gives us a good look at the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in action.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets Trio Of New Posters

Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster - Credit: Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming gets a trio of awesome new posters… but what do they tell us about Spidey’s first solo outing?

Justice League Movie Gets An Epic New Trailer

Some of the Justice League - Credit: Warner Bros.

The new Justice League trailer is here, and we finally get a good look at our favourite DC heroes together. All except for Superman…

Captain America: Civil War (Review)

Captain America Civil War

Forget ‘Batman V Superman’ – this is how you make a hero-versus-hero movie.

Channing Tatum Joins Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Channing Tatum Kingsman

It looks as though Channing Tatum has joined ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’.

Michael Keaton Wanted For Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Keaton Spider-Man

Michael Keaton may have landed another comic book role… in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.