Red Dwarf Returns For Two More Series

It looks as though Red Dwarf will return to British TV… as Lister, Rimmer and the gang secure two more series with UKTV.

Galaxy Quest TV Series In The Works

It looks as though Galaxy Quest – the classic Tim Allen ‘Star Trek’ spoof – will be getting its own TV series.

Sharknado 3 Gets An Appropriate Title

The latest Sharknado film has finally been given an official title – Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! And it heads our way on 22 July 2015.

Melissa McCarthy ‘Excited’ About Ghostbusters

Melissa McCarthy can’t wait to get stuck into the new Ghostbusters reboot… as she reveals how excited she is about the film.

Male-Led Ghostbusters Movie In The Works

A male Ghostbusters movie is reportedly in the works… but will it really be any good?

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Review)

Colin Firth stars in Kingsman: The Secret Service – an entertaining, subversive romp through traditional spy fiction.

Melissa McCarthy Up For Ghostbusters Reboot Lead?

Melissa McCarthy may be in line to take the leading role in the Ghostbusters reboot… but her busy schedule provides a stumbling block.

Douglas Reynholm To Get IT Crowd Spin-Off?

Although The IT Crowd has officially shutdown, it looks as though Graham Linehan wants to make a Douglas Reynholm spin-off series…

Ghostbusters Reboot Will Be Scarier Than The Original?

Although there were some pretty traumatising scenes in Ghostbusters, it looks as though Paul Feig wants to make the reboot even scarier.

Beetlejuice 2 Script is Complete

‘Beetlejuice’ fans will be pleased to know that Tim Burton is rather keen on the upcoming sequel… and has revealed that the script is already complete.