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Joe Manganiello Wants To Make Dungeons & Dragons Movie

A new Dungeons & Dragons movie would be amazing… but should Joe Manganiello be the one to make it?

Call Of Duty Movie Franchise In The Works

Call of Duty is heading to the big screen… but will it make a good film franchise?

Star Wars 9 Starts Filming In July?

It looks as though Star Wars 9 might start filming in July 2017.

John Simm Returns To Doctor Who As The Master

It’s official – John Simm is returning to Doctor Who as the iconic villain, The Master.

Doctor Who Fans Beware: There’s A HUGE Spoiler Online

A HUGE Doctor Who spoiler is out in the open… so you should probably do your best to avoid it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage

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14 Transformers Movies Are In The Works

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Daredevil Season Three Films Later This Year

Daredevil Season Three is coming soon… and it looks as though it starts filming later this year.

The Defenders Release Date Revealed

The Defenders will be teaming up a lot sooner than we thought… heading to Netflix on 18 August 2017.

The Purge Is Being Turned Into A TV Show

The Purge is coming… and it’s heading to the small screen in a new TV series, led by franchise creator, James DeMonaco.