Nicholas Matthews

About the Author

Nicholas Matthews is a 25 year old author (within reason). He can't wait to see the new Avengers movie, and was once ruler of Westeros for a minute or so.

Power Rangers (Review)

Go Go Power Rangers! The classic Haim Saban series is back with a modern, big-budget reboot. But will the Power Rangers be up to scratch?

Game Of Thrones – Mother’s Mercy (Review)

Game of Thrones Season 5 comes to an end… but does it leave on a happy note? Not quite…

Game Of Thrones – The Dance Of Dragons (Review)

Viewers will have felt a sense of trepidation going into this week’s episode, and with good reason. In the past, episode 9 has always been the standout episode. Either something shocking happens (seasons 1 and… [Read More]

Game Of Thrones – Hardhome (Review)

Hardhome will likely be cemented in the memories of Game of Thrones fans for quite some time.

The Flash – Fast Enough (Review)

How do you top that awesome fight from last week featuring Flash, Arrow and Firestorm taking on Reverse Flash? Simple answer: you don’t.

Game Of Thrones – The Gift (Review)

Game of Thrones has been playing a dangerous turn this season… but it may have just hit its stride with The Gift.

The Flash – Rogue Air (Review)

The Flash rogues gallery is out in force this week… but can Barry handle it?

Game Of Thrones – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken (Review)

Game of Thrones throws poor Sansa to the Wolves this week. But has it gone too far?

Arrow – My Name Is Oliver Queen

Oliver and Team Arrow find themselves racing against time to stop Ra’s al Ghul from destroying Starling City. But can they save the day?

The Flash – Grodd Lives (Review)

Barry Allen meets a classic DC villain on The Flash this week… as he squares up to Gorilla Grodd.