Clare Christie

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Clare Christie is a Cardiff-based writer for Total Geeks. She loves anything a bit geeky, but has been binge-watching Grimm and Fringe for the past few weeks.

Stephen King’s IT Remake Ruins Balloons For Everyone

Stephen King's IT - Credit: New Line Cinema

Stephen King’s IT remake has unveiled three new spine-tingling images. It looks as though Pennywise is back… and he’s out for blood.

The Predator Reboot Adds Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - Credit: Marvel

Edward James Olmos joins The Predator reboot… and it looks as though he’ll be suiting up in a military role.

The Flash – Trajectory (Review)

The Flash Trajectory S02E16

The Flash is back… and this time, he’s faced with a female speedster zipping around Central City.

Grimm Season 4 – Trial By Fire (Review)

Grimm - Trial By Fire

In this weeks Grimm, Juliette and Adalind face-off Hexen style and an insurance job goes horribly wrong…

Grimm Seson 4 – Maréchaussée (Review)

Grimm - Maréchaussée

This weeks Grimm sees Adalind return to Portland and a council bounty hunter with his sights set on Nick…

Ben Hardy Will Play Angel In X-Men: Apocalypse

Ben Hardy Angel

It looks as though Angel will return in the upcoming X-Men sequel… as Ben Hardy is confirmed for the role in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Grimm Season 4 – Death Do Us Part (Review)

Grimm - Death Do Us Part

This week’s Grimm sees the team investigate a ‘Haunted House’ with electrifying results…

Grimm Season 4 – Tribunal (Review)

Grimm - Tribunal

We’re straight back into the action on this week’s Grimm… as Monroe’s life hangs in the balance.

Grimm Season 4 – Wesenrein (Review)

Grimm - Wesenrein

Things are getting serious in this weeks Grimm as the season takes a dark turn… but will Monroe be okay?

Grimm Season 4 – Chupacabra (Review)

Grimm - Chupacabra

Things are getting really exciting in Portland on this week’s Grimm, as Monore finds himself pursued by a group of fanatical wesen.