Asa Butterfield Reportedly Cast As Spider-Man

Asa Butterfield Spider-Man

It looks as though Marvel may have found its Spider-Man… as Asa Butterfield reportedly lands the role of everyone’s favourite webslinger.

According to the Latino Review, the 18-year-old actor has already landed the role… but it might not be as simple as that.

“Asa Butterfield is Spider-Man,” they claim. “We’ve been sitting on this information since Friday but can confirm now, that his reps and Marvel are under negotiations. It’s all about formalities now and then an official announcement from Marvel will follow shortly.”

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But other reporters don’t exactly share this view…

Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter is the first to dispute this… and it seems he’s rather adamant that the casting process isn’t finished just yet.

“What I know: Asa Butterfield was due to test for Spider-Man this week,” he said via Twitter. “But so were a few others. Is Asa Peter Parker? Are they done testing? What I know: There certainly is no offer. Yet. What I also know: There are certainly many rooting for Asa.”

Of course, rooting for Asa and handing him a contract to sign are two very different things… and if you ask me, it looks as though he hasn’t clinched the deal just yet. Even if he is high up on the shortlist.

“I do know that Asa along with Tom had test offers negotiated before they read at all,” said Justin Kroll from Variety. “From what I understand Asa is high on the list but so is Holland.”

But what does all this really mean?

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Essentially, Asa Butterfield could be Spider-Man. Then again, so could any of the hopefuls who are currently testing for the role.

Not exactly the huge scoop that the Latino Review makes it out to be. Will Butterfield clinch the deal in the end? It’s certainly possible… but so could Tom Holland – another name that’s garnered huge support since he was linked to the role.

But right now, nothing is set in stone. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The next ‘Spider-Man’ movie heads to cinemas on 28 July 2017.

Do you think Asa Butterfield would make a great Spider-Man? Who else would you like to see in the role? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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