A Brief History Of Total Geeks

Our founder and Editor-in-chief Ryan Leston created Total Geeks after working for several years as a Freelance Journalist at Yahoo! Movies. Having gained experience with the geekier side of film and television, he decided to create his own website – born out of a desire to have more editorial control and publish relevant film and TV reviews.

Although Ryan still works for Yahoo! Movies UK, he set up Total Geeks in July 2014 and has provided the majority of News and Features since the website’s creation.

The site launched with a small number of news items as well as a Feature from our founder – a rundown of exactly why ‘Star Wars’ fans should watch ‘Super 8’. Clearly a fan of all things geeky, Ryan has focussed on Features and Interviews relevant to the sci-fi scene.

This includes:

An early look at Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor

An interview with Steve Sansweet about ‘Star Wars’ action figures

Exclusive interview with Irisa discussing Defiance Season Three

Learning from his experiences as a journalist for Yahoo! Movies UK, Ryan has been able to secure time with celebrities such as Russell Crowe and David Hasselhoff.

Our First Few Months… and Beyond

Our first big exclusive came in September 2014 after our Editor Ryan Leston visited J.J. Abrams while ‘Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens’ continued to film on location at the Puzzlewood site. There, he was able to confirm certain details about filming, including the presence of key characters and hints towards larger battle scenes that would take place in this local site.

The article was quickly picked up by key fan sites including Comic Book Movie, Star Wars 7 News and even industry leaders /Film. Of course, our viewing figures quickly exploded as all our fellow geeks flocked to the website. And with details of the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel our exclusive quickly spread.

Since then, our news and features have been widely reported by fan sites and industry blogs, and we have seen editorials such as our discussion of the new ‘Star Wars VII’ villain appear across the web.

Making New Friends…

Over the past few years, Ryan has developed a good working relationship with various studios, leading to press access and accreditation at premiers, preview showings, industry events and even red carpet events.

We have also secured a number of exclusives, working with studios and publicity to provide exclusive content – such as this exclusive trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles’.

But one of the best parts of the job so far has been heading out and about at conventions, meeting fans and readers as we report from the events. We’ve met up with the likes of Mark Newbold from Jedi news and our Editor even appeared on the Radio 1138 podcast… which was mentioned on the official ‘Star Wars’ website.

Of course, as the website continues to grow, we enjoy making new friends in the industry as well as those who simply enjoy what we do. After all, the fans are at the heart of what we do.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Here at Total Geeks, we’re focussed on providing top quality News, Features and Reviews from the geekier sides of film and TV. But while we intend to continue this in the years to come, we also aim to improve our reach and extend our community – something we believe is extremely important.

Obviously, we want our website to be read by as many geeks as possible… but more importantly, we aim to become one of the top providers of news and editorials to the geek community.

In order to accomplish this, we have some rather ambitious plans for the following year or so, including the creation of our own weekly podcast as well as producing regular video podcasts and video interviews with some of the top geek celebrities.

Of course, writing is what we do. But most importantly, we’re all total geeks. And as we continue to grow, we hope to find our niche within the online film community.